Monday, 29 June 2015

Spy Cameras: Popular Devices For Protection

In present atmosphere, spy devices are like a part of our daily life. Criminal activities increase a lot in the last few years. Incidents like robbery, smuggling, kidnapping, snatching are very common crime today. Spy cameras are playing an important role in to reduce such rates of crime. There is a wide range of these wonderful cameras is available in the market.

Delhi has been converting in to the capital of crime now. This is only reason that the Chief Minister of Delhi has decided to place thousand of Spy Camera in Delhi. Crime against women is one major concern for everyone today. In Delhi, this rate has boosted in last few years. There is a huge variety is available in the market. Spy Dome Camera, Spy Wrist Watch Camera, Spy Cap Camera, Spy Specs Camera and so on. Spy cameras are like a boon today for every common person.

When it comes to spy gadgets, we always feel the absence of camera, which is not easily detectable by naked eyes. For such motives Spy Button Camera launched in Delhi. This beautiful device is like a soul for investigative journalism. Today common persons on a large scale use spy gadgets for various purposes. This device is an ideal choice for covert operation. This device can also used for the personal safety as well. This tiny camera is very powerful and effective. The size of this device is the biggest quality of this device because button is very common object and no one can even imagine that there is a camera hidden inside the button.

Spy gadgets are very successful in metro cities. Now Spy Gadgets are also available in Mumbai. Mumbai is a city that never stops. In that case, an emergency may arise anytime. As our security is mandatory, we have to prepare for such issues. For such issues Spy Gadgets can play an important role.

In the market, huge range of spy gadgets is available very easily. In Mumbai, Spy Pen Camera is one of the most recommended gadgets these days. Security agencies, spy agents and journalists mostly use this camera. A pen can be so powerful and effective; it was impossible thought to achieve few years ago. Now it is possible because of Spy India. A pen is very common object that is use by the person of every age. So identifying such device is very difficult.

We always connect spy cameras with investigations and safety but you know what you can also use spy cameras for fun as well. It is always interesting to see what you can find when you have one concealed. Today these cameras are affordable, technically advanced and obviously easy to carry. If you have plans to buy such products, always remember that you can also find some great deals with Spy India.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Protect Your Home With Spy Cameras

If you are a working person, safety of your home and other precious assets is the most important concern for you. What is the best solution for sort out such issues of safety? Today there is such a fantastic solution is available in the market.

Spy Camera, today only few are left who are not aware about the importance of spy cameras. After seeing that importance some of the big companies launched amazing range of Spy Cameras for Home. There is various and huge range of these cameras is available in the market. In this range, some amazing cameras are included such as Spy Photo Frame Camera, Spy Switch and Socket Camera, Spy Tissue Box Camera, Spy Smoke Detector Camera, Spy Wall and Table Clock Camera, Spy TV Remote Camera and so on. All these objects are very common and almost used by everyone, so the targeted person does not detect them.

These gadgets are very helpful in the monitoring of your home in your absence. All these cameras are capable enough to record and capture all the happenings behind your back. You can keep an eye over your small kids and their caretaker; you can also capture all the activities of your teenage kids. 

Spy cameras are like a boon for those who are looking for the device that can works effectively but looks like a normal good. A nano sized camera in hidden very smartly inside these devices. This small camera is very powerful and simple. Specialty of these camera is defines with their looks and effective results.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Safety of personal belongings is very important. Specially if you have small kids and you leave them with nanny, that time your level of tension is higher. You cannot connect with them through phone, in such conditions you always feel the importance of device which can work as a Safety guards on your behalf.

After seeing such problems Spy India launched some fabulous spy camera. The Spy Photo Frame Camera is also one of the newest gadgets in spy world. This is the perfect solution for the safety of your small kids. The photo frame is very common good so it is easily placed at anywhere you would like to monitor. Due to its fascinating nature it is also known as a “family security photo frame”. This device has 8 GB memory so it is good enough to capture all the happening in your absence. It is simple to carry, also have the remote control facility, beautiful and practical.

Which device has the smallest DVR, what will be your answer? Surely Spy TV Remote Camera! This device is the smallest micro DVR in the world. it also has video recorder with sound function. You can also keep an eye over your kids and servants. Main function of this device is that environmentally friendly and applies to any computer with USB or other electronic tools. The device has a very sensitive microphone to record the clear audible sound with the range of 15 square meters. From safety aspect, it is an effective and powerful tool for the peoples.

Another wonderful device is available in the market for the various purposes. The Spy Digital Table Clock Camera is the one of the famous and Best tool in the market. This device is mostly used in offices to keep a watchful eye over the employees. This is not just a smart table clock but also a spy camera. This device has a small camera hidden inside very smartly. You can monitor and also record all the suspicious activities taking place in your absence at your home and work place. It has external memory to store video, audio, photo and this device also used for network chatting and alarming clock. This wonderful device is very hard to detect by naked eyes so you can successfully complete your motive by this device.

Presently, peoples prefer the gadgets which are not easily detected by your target. For such goals, these types of gadgets are getting famous among the layman too.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Spy Software for Android: Protection Shield for Your child

Android is the most latest and advanced operating system in mobile world. It is most excellent operating system nowadays. Trend of this system is very famous among the youth. As the technology grows, its negative impacts also increases. Misuse of mobile technology is on its peak. Especially our youth is badly trapped by this.

If you are a parent of a growing kid, definitely sometimes his activities or depressed behavior can blow your sleep. In such condition you will just speculate situations according you and will never find out the actual reason. But now it is very easy to know about everything about your kid’s activity with his or her cell phone. It is possible with Spy Software for Android. This is such a boon like software for parents.

By installing Spy Software for Android you will get all the details such as call details, social networking chats, contact details, SMS details from both sides and many more others. Through these details you will always keep a watchful and protective eye over your kid.

Cyber crime and cyber bullying are very much common words today. Our youth easily get caught in such a mess. To prevent them from that mess, this software can play an important role. You will get all the details of every single happening. You will get an alert whenever your targeted number will use his phone.

This software is run as a visible app but will show as an invisible one. Due to this quality this is such an effective and powerful tool for you to protect your child. You can also use this software for keeping an eye over your employees, partner and any other person. This is actually an all in one solution for all your unwanted worries. This software is such a wonderful key for getting peace of mind.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Spy Ladies Purse Camera: Stylish Tool For Safety

Today crime against women is increasing very fast today. In such scenario, safety of women is a major concern for everyone. Specially, safety of working women is one of the national issues these days. We heard the news of kidnapping, chain snatching and harassment of women on a regular basis. Our government also trying to provide safety to the women but they failed in their every step.

Technology is the only solution when everything is failed. To proven that fact right, technology invented an amazing and beautiful device for females. Spy Ladies Purse Camera is the latest and most advanced safety tool for females.

Every female is usually carry purse with her, but now a simple looking purse will assist you in an emergency.  Yes! Your purse is now became an agent because it is converted in to a spy camera. This purse is trendy and stylish. You can easily carry this purse camera anywhere with you because of its normal looks it is very difficult to detect. 

Spy Ladies Purse Camera has a HD camera. With this high quality camera you can capture the high quality images and video with this camera. You can use this purse camera in difficult circumstances where no other camera can be present. It can be used in the top secret missions and it can be prove to be a boon for the detectives as well as the secret agents.

If you are also a working women and searching for a tool which is stylish and powerful, this device is surely an ideal choice for you. This purse is also use as a regular purse. So, now whenever you travel, you will carry your safety tool with you every time.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Capture Safety with Spy Photo Frame Camera

Presently, there are so many security devices has been invented. Reason is very simple because incidents like terrorist attacks, robbery, stealing, and smuggling of goods, killing and snatching of valuable items have become very common now. To provide an environment of security, these goods are developing on a large number of scales.

In this addition an advanced and extremely amazing device is available in the market now. Spy Photo Frame Camera is an amazing device in Spy World.  Everyone loves to capture memorable moment of his life. Few of them display them in the form of images. They display them on the wall through photo frames. Your photo frame works as a decorative piece as well as it is like a secret agent for you.

Yes! It is true that a normal looking picture frame works as a camera too. Spy photo frame camera is such a device which works as a decorative edging to your picture and keeps surveillance of the moment you want as well. This is a perfect solution for the surveillance at your work place and home. You can put this device anywhere you would like to monitor. From the point of view of family and personal safety this device is also known as “family security photo frame".

This fabulous device is very amazing because it has a large memory. It has the internal memory of 8 GB and it is expandable too. It has the USB port for the transfer of the data, charging of the device and also has the facility of remote control.

As this device is looks very ordinary and genuine so your suspect will never know that he or she is actually under the surveillance. You can now able to see what is happening behind your back. For today’s generation technology is no less than bliss for the common people. This multipurpose device is one of the examples among those blissful devices. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

GPS Personal Trackers: An Easy Solution To Remove Your Safety Worries

Mr. Barry Spud, a very famous author says, “Safety is 25% Common Sense, 80% Compliance and the rest is good luck.” The ratio is technically incorrect but it is very much relevant in the aspect of GPS Personal Tracker. As the name defined, this device is dedicated to the personal safety and monitoring.

We often ignore our personal safety due to lack to smart gadgets and best technology. But now this problem is almost sort out with GPS Personal Tracker. This smartly designed device continuously reports the location of your assets and other personal belongings. This device has a compact size which is helpful into attached  device easily. This beautiful device provides the detailed information about the location through SMS to the device you have chosen. 

It is very helpful device to track every single detail of the device where you placed it. Due to the compact size, the device is also easily placed in your bags, baggage and other important properties. This device has an ability to provide information on the real time basis. This fabulous device also able to give you a risk alert, whilst you are entering in dangerous or wrong place. It will happen when you set the Geo-fence position of your vehicle to get an alert.

This is such a smart solution for fleet-management company, transport agencies and call centers, keep an eye on their employees and fleets. The device guarantees safety of your kids, when they are on a long drive or are coming home from school.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Presently, it became necessary to remain safe and secure. Undoubtedly, the technology is like a boon, but so many people are always trying to prove it wrong. Slowly, slowly technology is also starting to use fulfill their unsocial activities. All this, became a major concern for everyone.

The trade of spy gadgets is one of the most grooming trade in the last two decades. Usages of spy devices are now reached to another level now. Spy Key Chain Camera is such a high-tech device. It is most popular gadget in the spy market.

Spy Key Chain Camera normally comes with a nano spy camera that is capable to record video and capture images. This device is simply looking like an ordinary remote key chain of the car, but in reality it works like an agent for you. It has 4 GB memory data storage, it takes photos and records videos in AVI format at 30 fps. This spy camera device is capable of recording up to 2 hours regular recording when it is fully charged.

This device has become an essential object or tool, in present scenario. You would find a key chain with everyone so it is hardly detected. This beautiful device comes with an inbuilt camera hidden inside it. This device has a small pinhole camera, but it takes high quality images and video. It can perform continuous recording up to 4 GB of memory.

In present time, technology gives you style statement as well as providing you facilities to save time and solutions to remain safe and secure. Till now, camera technology has changed a lot. From a single reflex camera to digital reflex and heavy size to nano size, the journey of these cameras is extremely marvelous. People are now more aware about their safety and camera has solved their purpose a lot, specially hidden cameras.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Keeping your vehicle safe and secure is the main concern for every vehicle holder. But tracking is next to impossible for a common person. It is almost impossible to be with his or her loved ones or vehicle all the time. In that case tensions are obvious to any normal person. To resolve such worries GPS technology is like a boon. You can keep a watchful eye on your kids, senior citizens, pets, other precious assets and on your vehicle.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is like a magical change in tracking world. Today, tracking devices become so advanced and useful. GSM GPS Bug is the best example of this. This is actually an MMS Locator device for many kinds of monitoring usage. This amazing device is very simple, convenient but effective. To operate this device you just need to insert a SIM  into its back side and switch on this device. After this simple step, it will start monitoring your important belongings, persons and vehicles. This device has an amazing feature. This device can send a small clip on your cell phone so that you can know the exact location. This device also contains the SOS button for emergency call. You can easily attach this beautiful device to your cell phone, vehicle or other precious belongings. By using this device you can easily track your possessions sitting anywhere in the world. This is not only a tracking, but bugging device.

Can you track something via your watch? Can your watch can work as a cell phone? A few years back answer must be no, but today it is possible with the GPS Tracker Mobile Watch. This wonderful device can give you positions of your assets. Subsequently, you can view that position on google map through Laptop and computer. The most effective feature of this device is its calling option. You can dial 3 numbers by using this device. You just need to press the SOS button and preferred number will dial itself. So if you trapped in an emergency, you can easily communicate with your relatives or partner. This device actually transmits the location on the real time basis.

If you have issues regarding tracker’s size and weight, coming device will surely break down your worries. Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker is a device based on satellite navigation, which is a helpful network in to track assets on the real time basis. With this feature you can easily get the details such as speed, location, direction of your belongings. An SOS button option is an extra added feature of this device. This device has a voice monitoring feature for the users. Apart from such wonderful and amazing features the device can also send the Google link of the located GPS position. Later, you can watch that Google link to Google map.

All these tracking devices are like a boon for all. These devices are best and ideal choice for the people who are away from their families. They can communicate and can give their exact location information to their loved ones by using these beautiful devices.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spy Software: Protect Your Child Intelligently

Today android is the mostly using operating system. This operating system is the latest technology system and hottest for mobile. Most people are using this operating system today. This system is like a compulsory need of technique crazy peoples. This advanced technology gives an amazing and smart experience to its users.

As we mentioned that this software is the latest one, so now usage of this fantastic operating system is also upgraded now. If you are an Android user and you are much more fond of spying someone, Spy Mobile Phone Software For Android is now available in the market. This is the only smart solution which will provide you the facility of a safety tool as well as all the benefits of the Android phone.
The Spy Mobile Phone Software is now specially made For Android users. This software can be a smart tool for finding your partner that he or she is loyal or not! Apart from such intent, you can also keep a watchful eye over your kid’s cell phone or employees. Today android is quite renowned among the users. In that perspective, misuse of this smart technology is also increasing. Bullying, cyber crime is very common these days. Such crimes also increase the tendency of mental illness like depression, violations Etc. Many times parents are not even understands what is actually going with their kids.

To prevent your kids this software is the smartest and ideal choice. By installing this software, you can easily trace all the details like text SMS, social network chats, call details, contact info and other important information about your kid’s cell phone. This software is very helpful to keep in touch with the deep details about your kid.

This is fabulous and amazing software, assist you to prevent your loved ones from misfortune events and keep them safe always. This is very trustworthy software which is simple in use but very effective in results.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Now Boost Your Confidence And Luck With Spy Magical Cards

Today playing cards is such a great fun. Peoples are playing these card games for fun and also for making money. Today, people are investing a huge amount in casinos for making money in less time. But this game is totally up to your good day. Trick, intelligence, luck and obviously a mind to perform cheating tasks without being caught by the rival’s. It is very rare that every person has all these qualities.

Spy India recently launched some amazing devices in Delhi. People are damn crazy about the card games because they want to earn money in the shortest duration and gambling is the easiest way for this purpose. Spy Invisible Playing Cards with Contact Lenses, Spy Marked Playing Cards, Spy Playing Cheating Device are the devices which are highly in demand by casino lovers. All these fantastic cards not only assist you to win games, but also boost your moral and self confidence. Sometimes people get demoralized due to back to back defeats, for such peoples these beautiful devices are like a tonic for boosting their confidence.

If you are playing cards for just making fun or time pass, defeats are okay! But when it comes in casinos and bars, it will become the question of your life. One good day can change your life or one bad day can destroy your life. We are saying this because today people are playing such games on a professional level. Due to this trend, even a common man is investing a large amount of his savings or collected money for earning more.If you want to turn around your life, you can use these wonderful devices for increasing your each chance of winning.

The beauty of these wonderful devices is quite magical. The main reason behind this is, all these cards have marked with some special invisible ink. These marks are not easily seen by naked eyes. For detecting such mark, you need to wear specially created contact lenses. The range of these lenses is pretty good. These lenses will not harm your eyes at all because they are made with superior quality products.

Apart from gambling, one can use these magical cards for showing magic tricks. The magic is something which always gets an extra attention in the crowd. These magical cards are the most easy and successful formula to make you popular. Due to magical contact lenses you will know each and every single detail about the card and your this quality will surely amaze the people.

All these marvelous playing cards can write down your destiny. But if you use them in a proper manner. No device says that, to harm someone. For this, you can use these devices to change your luck and grab the opportunities because good opportunities never knock your door again and again. Be happy be wealthy with spy magical cards. This card is easily available in Delhi now because they are slowly gaining popularity among the common peoples as well.

Monday, 8 June 2015


Communication is the very important element in every human life. Communication without audio is like a sea without water. Sometimes sounds create more relevance for any incident or event. Importance of audio is clearly seen when we listen radio and other sounds. We just recognize  things via audio. So the place of audio, voice, sounds is very much important in our life.

Audio is not only important for our daily life, but also important for us when we are spying or collecting evidence for some important purpose. Sometimes the only audio is much more effective. For such purposes, Spy India is available with some fabulous audio devices. Today, Spy Wireless Audio Transmitter is one of the most effective audio devices. The Bugging is always a difficult job for anyone but this beautiful device will make this possible and easy also. This is the only reason that this device is getting attention in common man as well. Features of this beautiful device are totally out of this world. This transmitter device can collect the audio  from the range of 400-500 meters. The clarity of the audio is like crystal clear and easily audible. This device also  has a volume adjusting button and it can connect with your ear phone via its jack. Many security agencies are using such device for safety. If you are running an office and want to know about your employee’s behavior and sincerity toward work or office, you can fit this device to check their loyalty towards you and the office. This device is such a multi-purpose device and very helpful to assist you and prevent you from unnecessary problems.

Another nano audio device is available in the market that will help you to keep vigilance over any person or any suspicious activity. Spy GSM Voice Bug is developed with nano technology and uses the GSM signals for recording. GSM signals provides the highest quality sound to you. The beauty of this device will amaze you. As we know that this device is made with nanotechnology so it will not able to get an attention from the targeted person. With this facility you can successfully reach to the and of your operation. The voice activation feature of this device helps you to turn on or off the device whenever is required. It also has a remote control function. This device is very beautiful. Easy to carry and comfortable in use.

If you all are getting worried about being caught so definitely Spy GSM Bug Pen Drive will assist you. This normal looking pen drive shaped device is very difficult to detect by your suspect. This is such a smart device made with the latest and advanced technology. This fantastic device can also connect with Computer and Laptop, so that you can transfer the recorded files in your system. This beautiful device has the fantastic range of the recording. In audio device category, this device is unbeatable. The GSM bug has the transmitter which directly transmits the voice. This universal tool is such a powerful and effective tool. Due to its look, suspect will never detect this device. In other words, this amazing device is not limited by distance or range of its operation.  If you want to fulfill your and personal or professional need, this device is an ideal and the best option for you.

Friday, 5 June 2015


At the  present time, tracking is very easy and convenient. It is correct guys because of technology. Today, the technology is playing an important role for us. In this row, GPS is the latest one.  GPS is the technique that assists you to track thing and keep a watchful eye on those whom you want to track. This is also known as Global Positioning System, which is based on satellite. This advanced technology is the only way to track things on the real time basis. 

Today it is not possible to be with your loved ones all the time to help them, but with GPS Product it is possible now. There are a wide variety of these wonderful gadgets are available in the market. From personal use to managing a large number of vehicles or employees, you can use these fantastic devices. In variety,  there are so many choices are available. Mobile phone tracker, portable tracker, vehicle tracker and many more. You can choose according to your need and budget.

Are you a parent of a growing kid?  Parent of a kid who loves to drive and usually use your vehicle of fun driving! Definitely, you get worried whenever he or she goes alone with your vehicle. In such situation, you always think where is your kid is going and how rapidly he or she driving or is your kid is going in a right direction or not? All these questions run a marathon in your mind. But now you can track everything through Personal GPS Tracking Devices. This wonderful gadget will track everything, whether it is speed, direction or location. All these things will track on the real time basis. This function is helpful to provide help and find out your kid and vehicle in an emergency. This device is very successfully running and very famous among the common people as well. Normally trackers are used by police and security agencies, but use of these trackers has been going a little higher in the last few years.

Tracking devices are like a compulsory need of every person who have desires to provide a safe environment in his or her absence. Trackers are like a boon for all these peoples. Buying a tracker is like a perform a trick in card games. It is obvious because an incorrect choice can increase your worries. Spy India is the leading GPS Manufactures And Suppliers in the market. Product’s quality and impressive range of trackers make us a leading brand in such market. Our products are totally genuine and will provide you full satisfaction.

Spy India also Wholesale GPS Tracking Software because GPS devices are incomplete without this software. This software is easily installed in GPS devices and after that device will gather the information related to your vehicle. The benefit of this software is, with this it can store the information in the device.

All these wonderful devices are like a life and time savers because these marvelous gadgets help you in finding the location and protect you from being lost. A GPS tracker generally logs the position of your device at regular intervals in its internal memory. So, if you are willing to have a such device who have a tendency of life and time savings, you can go through to these gadgets.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Today you can do spy over your suspect with the devices which are not easily detected by your suspect. Today, you can easily capture your target without getting an attention from him. Demand of devices with ordinary look, is increases today. 

These types of gadgets are very difficult to detect and it is almost impossible to identify such products. Due to high demand an amazing gadget is launched few time back. Spy USB Audio Video Recorder is very famous among the users and most recommended by the customers. This is such a fabulous device having a combination of recorder and DV camera. This is a beautiful device. It has a motion activated camera smartly hidden inside to capture all the moments that you want to catch in this device.

This wonderful device can be used in many places such as home, office, living room, car or any place, where security and surveillance is needed. It is also works just like an ordinary USB and you can easily use this for capturing priceless and precious moments of your life. Spy USB Audio Video Recorder is the perfect device if you wants to capture your moments on a trip or something else or you wants to collect evidences to expose someone. This is such an Multi - purpose device.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


    Do you have a doubt over peoples around you? Is they usually talk sweetly but increases your tensions? You have a need to see and check out who’s been lying to your face and trying to be honest in front of you. Now an amzing device will help you to find out real faces of fake peoples.

Spy Tissue Box Camera is the smart device which has a ability to trace fake and dishonest people in your life. You can easily detect the peoples who are honest and who have double faces. This is such an ordinary and genuine device to capture evidences. A tissue box is inconspicuous anywhere you place it. This quality leads you to find out loyal and fake peoples.

Since this wonderful device is launched, it is working successfully and highly in demand by the users. This camera seems and functions just like an ordinary tissue box, but hidden within is a high resolution pinhole video camera. It is easily movable so you can put this smart device at the place of your choice. This camera is discreetly installed but difficult to spot. This wonderful device cleverly hide a small camera to capture activities by the people in your absence. It also can be put under the car to see all the activities happened in your car.

Spy Tissue Box Camera is absolutely innocent, stylish but effective device for both personal and professional purposes.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Usually we carry bags for some important files, documents and other important assets to provide them safety. A smart bag surely gives you an overall smart look. But what is the advanced use of this bag? I know the answer is very difficult to find. Because a few time back it has a limited use. An ordinary bag doesn’t have much power to do something else. But guys now just hold your breaths to know the advanced feature of your regular normal bag. Now an ordinary bag can work as a surveillance tool for you. Shocked? It is possible guys.

Spy Bag Camera is another fantastic device from the technology’s basket. This device is simply amazing. This device can be used for both personal and professional areas.  The most interesting fact about this product is that it has a smaller camera DVR inside. This handbag is very convenience, move the switch on one side and then press the remote controller button to start recording, LED will indicate the working status, the LED is hidden inside the bag and it is not easy to recognize it. This function is the most powerful side of this device. This beautiful device can also use as a normal bag. If you are looking to collect authentic evidences this device will helps you to collect the most reliable evidences for a legal purpose. In short, this device is very helpful for you.

Now you can carry things with surety of your own safety. Spy Bag Camera is the only tool which can provide you the convenience and safety both at the same. So if you are searching for the such device which has these two major qualities, this wonderful camera is the greatest option for your need. Spy India is the only destination where you can find the greatest products in an affordable range.

Monday, 1 June 2015


       Music is something which is very helpful in to provide you peace of mind. Everybody loves the music whether a small kid or an elder one. In India our young generation is damn crazy for music. A smart and stylish MP3 player will fulfill your desire to listen music in a good quality. Coming device is a gift for those who loves both music and surveillance. Yes you all heard it exactly that I mentioned. you can use your music player for surveillance
Spy MP3 Player Camera is one of the cool and incredible gadgets. It can perform the task of a normal music player. This music player will assist you to capture still images and videos. It has a tiny camera hidden inside to perform this task. Apart from personal use, it can be used for sting operations to reveal the truth. This is the smallest hidden camera which is easily carried anywhere. This beautiful music player can perform the task of a normal player and play your favorite artists. It has a smart microphone to pick-up the sound within a conversational distance.

This device is actually very easy to use. Even a small kid can also operate this smart music player. You just need to load a micro SD card into the slot and use the controls to start recording. Multi-functional buttons can control power, take still images and capture videos for you. Viewing the captured material is also very simple. To see the captures material you can plug the camera into your PC or you can simply plugged your SD card into the cad reader to see images and videos.  This multi-purpose music player will definitely satisfy your need of music and surveillance in just a single click.