Monday, 1 June 2015


       Music is something which is very helpful in to provide you peace of mind. Everybody loves the music whether a small kid or an elder one. In India our young generation is damn crazy for music. A smart and stylish MP3 player will fulfill your desire to listen music in a good quality. Coming device is a gift for those who loves both music and surveillance. Yes you all heard it exactly that I mentioned. you can use your music player for surveillance
Spy MP3 Player Camera is one of the cool and incredible gadgets. It can perform the task of a normal music player. This music player will assist you to capture still images and videos. It has a tiny camera hidden inside to perform this task. Apart from personal use, it can be used for sting operations to reveal the truth. This is the smallest hidden camera which is easily carried anywhere. This beautiful music player can perform the task of a normal player and play your favorite artists. It has a smart microphone to pick-up the sound within a conversational distance.

This device is actually very easy to use. Even a small kid can also operate this smart music player. You just need to load a micro SD card into the slot and use the controls to start recording. Multi-functional buttons can control power, take still images and capture videos for you. Viewing the captured material is also very simple. To see the captures material you can plug the camera into your PC or you can simply plugged your SD card into the cad reader to see images and videos.  This multi-purpose music player will definitely satisfy your need of music and surveillance in just a single click.


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